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5302927284 / 530-292-7284

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Phone: 5302927284 / 530-292-7284
Location: N SAN JUAN, CA
County: NEVADA
Area Code: 530
Date: 07:54am, 18th December 2018
County Population: N/A

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The Harassed commented on 5302927284  February 23, 2018

September 28, 2017: In the evening, I'd received an unexpected text message from this number ( 1 530-292-7284) asking, "Like my big girls butt?" That is followed by a white panty shot with the person apparently trying too hard to be like a girl (as seen from his posture). It looks more like a guy's butt than a lady's one. He sure has a horrible taste in panties. I suspect this to be from my ex-guy-friend, Andre (AJ), since I don't know anybody else in Grass Valley, CA. Plus, he has my cellphone number stored under his contacts list. Since he is the type to be stupid and low enough to stoop to this level despite having a girlfriend, that's expected of him being immature/childish and a sexual deviant with his sick fantasies. He is infamous for his weird sexual fetish of wearing women's underwear. This is considered sexual harassment when unwelcomed by the recipient...not that I'm fazed by this since it's hilarious to me. LOL...What a laughable troll. Knowing him, he likely won't keep the number for long to avoid detection/getting traced. So, he's bound to change it easily.